Denma Sushi owners, Chef Cory and Chef Mi owned and operated the prosperous Taigun Japanese restaurant in Broomfield, CO for over 11 years. They learned a lot in their time at Taigun, building the foundation their culinary skills and knowledge.


Then, they met and had the privilege of learning from professional master chefs, Yoshida Shigeshichi, Chef Akihide Hirose and Chef Mecha Privett. Both Cory and Mi were able to hone their skills further, sharpening, mastering and emphasizing the basics of cooking under their guidance. 

After Taigun, Chef Cory and Chef Mi wanted to evolve their kitchen concept into a sushi and ramen focused bar, which is the Denma Sushi of today.

"Denma" comes from the Korean country word meaning, Fishing Boat.